What you should do when buying a used car

Looking for a new, but used car? Edmunds has 10 things you should do before you take the plunge.
First, figure out what you can afford. If you’re taking a loan out, your car payment shouldn’t be more than 20-percent of your paycheck. If you’re on a budget, spend less than your budget.
Next, make a list of the kind of cars you want to look for. Popular models are the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry.
Then check prices on different used car lots. How much you’ll spend on a used car depends on where you’re looking.

After that you should look for used cars in your area through different online search engines.
When you find a car, check the vehicle history report. If the car has a bad report, even if it looks fine, chances are that those problems will surface quickly.

Once you have a used car on your radar that meets all the requirements, contact the seller. This allows you to open communication and verify the information about the car.

Next, test drive the car. Take note of certain things like, is there enough room for you, if the check engine light on, how the tires are doing, or if the air-condition is blowing cold air.

If you like the car, you can then consider having the car inspected.

Then when everything aligns negotiate a good deal. First offer a lower number than what you intend to spend.
Lastly, get all your paperwork in order. In a dealership you’ll sign the paper work in the office, but if purchasing from an individual owner make sure they properly transfer the title and registration to you.

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