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Classified Ads

The Greensheet offers a selection of classified ad types and is set up for the sale of tangible items, real estate and employment. To make a listing work hardest for you, keep word count in mind. Ads should contain a short yet descriptive headline, brief description and your contact information. When placing a web ad, we encourage the use of photos. After all, ads with photos perform 5 times better than those without.

Word count: Number of words in a listing. A word is considered any letter or number, or group of letters or numbers, with a space before or after. Punctuation is free. Phone numbers with area codes are considered 1 word. Prices and email addresses are also counted as 1 word. Universal abbreviations may be used but are subject to approval by The Greensheet.

Contact info: Ads require a working phone number or email address at the end of the ad (garage sales and employment ads are the exception). We require all pet listings to contain a phone number. Website addresses can only be used in classified ads if the seller has purchased a premium web listing.

Photos: Online photos MUST be of the actual item. No recognizable faces may appear in the photos.

Service exceptions: Our classified section does not accept ads that offer services with the exception of the following:

  • Child and nursing
  • 1-on-1 tutorials/music lessons
  • Animal stud service
  • Baby/pet/house sitting
  • Dog walkers
  • Sewing/alterations out of the home

Service advertisers are generally encouraged to advertise with our display department

Shop & Sell Wisely

While The Greensheet makes every reasonable effort to ensure a family-friendly, positive and safe buying and selling environment in print and online, transactions should always be conducted with care and approached with caution. We compiled a list of tips to help you shop and sell smart.

Protect Yourself

Ad Rates

Classified ad rates vary by market, category, type of service (print, online or both), number of words, special characters and enhancements, number of images, premium designation and other considerations. Currently, web only ads are free in more than 45 categories, with up to 20 pictures included. Ad rates are subject to change

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Deadlines & Delivery

The Greensheet publication appears once weekly in the greater Houston and Dallas/Fort Worth areas. Each market is divided into hyper-local editions: 12 in Houston, and 6 in Dallas/Fort Worth. Different editions in the same metropolitan area may have different delivery schedules and deadlines for print ad submissions. Please view the detailed schedule to ensure that your ad will appear in the time frame you desire.

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