Infamous Texas Killing Fields Along I-45 Corridor Featured In Netflix Series

There’s a new Netflix series that true crime fans are eager to watch right now. The show features the infamous Texas Killing Fields. It’s an area off Interstate 45 between Houston and Galveston where more than 30 bodies have been found since the 1970s. What story lurks in the air of these Texas fields that inspired its own Netflix show?


What Are The Texas Killing Fields?

The Texas Killing Fields is a plot of land situated in League City, Texas. Since the 1970s, 33 bodies have been discovered to be dumped there— many of these deaths remain unsolved to this day. Many speculations and convictions have been made but still, no suspect has actually confessed to the killings. It’s also believed that the murders were committed by more than one serial killer.

As has been observed in the past, some serial killers have a preference for victims’ certain features. Ted Bundy, for instance, murdered mostly women with long brown hair. In the Texas Killing Field cases, many of the victims also had similar features; almost all were young women, too. They were found shot, bludgeoned, or strangled.

One of the Texas Killing Fields victims is a young woman named Laura— the daughter of Tim Miller, founder of Texas EquuSearch.

What Is Texas Equusearch?

Texas EquuSearch is a non-profit organization that helps find missing persons. They accept volunteers and their organization is funded by private persons and groups. Their hashtag (and also their motto) is “Lost Is Not Alone.”

The organization Texas EquuSearch started with horse-mounted searches. These days, they also use much more advanced conveyances like boats, drones, and ATVs. They even use aircraft, penetrating radar, and sonar. So far, the organization has worked on 2,221 cases— 429 of these missing persons were found alive.

Who Is Tim Miller?

Texas EquuSearch was founded by Tim Miller. He dedicates the organization in memory of his daughter, Laura Miller, who was found dead in the Texas Killing Fields. He once worked as a contractor but he now spends his days helping families find their missing loved ones.

Tim Miller spreads awareness of his organization’s advocacy in various TV stations, programs, and different forms of media. He appeared on CNN, Nancy Grace, Fox News National, Dateline, People Magazine, News Week, and many more. He’s also been invited by former president George W. Bush to attend the conference for the National Missing and Exploited Children in Washington DC.

Moreover, Tim Miller is also a recipient of a handful of distinctive awards, such as the George H. W. Bush “Point of Light” Award, the FBI’s Director’s Community Leadership Award, The Jefferson Award from the City of Houston, and more.

About the Netflix Documentary ‘Crime Scene: The Texas Killing Fields’

Netflix released a new docuseries about the Texas Killing Fields last November 29, 2022. It’s produced by Joe Berlinger and directed by Jessica Dimmock.

The show tells the story about the Texas Killing Fields and its victims and their family members. Tim Miller and law enforcement officials talk about searches, investigations, and possible suspects over the years. 

True crime fans will love this series but, more importantly, the show revives public awareness of the Texas Killing Fields in hopes that someone may remember details that could provide new clues for the investigation.