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EXTREME HOSPITALITY Services, one of the fastest growing hospitality services company in the Metroplex, is looking for dishwashers. Ideal candidates must believe in showing up on time to work, helping other employees in the kitchen, and following protocol to maintain sanitary standards. Responsibilities will include: cleaning, washing, and sanitizing kitchenware, dishes, glassware, and utensils. Mopping and sweeping floors, ensuring floor is properly sanitized. Maintaining kitchen area and storing kitchen supplies, ensuring that all cleaning supplies are properly stocked, taking out the trash, cleaning broken glassware and spills immediately, report sanitation or maintenance problems immediately. Assisting kitchen staff when necessary, closing/ locking facility. Dishwasher experience a plus but not required. We are looking to fill this position in several facilities located in Arlington, Ft. Worth, Garland, and Plano. Email your resume to


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