Braiding Academy by Bendu Davies


Keywords Braiding School, Hair Weaving, Hair Crochet
Braiding Academy is for all Ethnic Groups.

Braid like a Professional.

You can be a current Braider with a desire to master your techniques.

Mothers with daughters who want to save money on hair.

Business minded people with intentions to learn how to braid and earn an extra income.

Current hairstyles specializing in weave extension, and desire to get into the braiging market.

You will learn the basic cornrows & designs.

One-on-one Braiding.

Become a professional braider by creating damage-free braids, increasing your speed, and keeping up with the latest hair trends.

You will learn how to consult with your clients, knowing the different hair products that groom healthy hair, and safety in braiding.

You will learn varieites of braiding styles and new techniques:
the feed in cornrows, twisting, weaving, adding extensions to the hair, crocheting, dread locking and more.

Contents of Full Kit for Courses:

*1 Mannequin Human Hair for Training
*1 Training Head Clamp
*6 Sectioning Clips
*3 Combs: wide tooth/rat tail and all purpose
*1 Vent brush/Perm rods & mirror
*1 sewing needle & crochet pin
*2 packs of hair: 1 braiding & 1 weaving
*1 A Carry-on Bag

Braiding Academy by Bendu Davies




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